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Pet Transportation Services in the UK

We are a dedicated UK Pet Transportion Services Company who can transport your Dog, bird or cat anywhere in the UK.

 Our sister company Island Pets  serves the Channel Islands, Ireland and the Scottish Islands.


Are you looking to collect your new puppy or kitten ?

Are you moving house ?

Do you need your rescue pet collected?

Do you need assistance with the transportation of stud Dogs and Cats around the UK?


WE Specialise In

Dog Transport

Whether its your family pet or a working dog let us transport your canine friend across the UK.

As long term dog owners and lovers we understand their care needs and we can ensure they travel in safety and comfort anywhere in the UK. We provide UK dog Transport for both Puppies and stud Dogs in warm, secure purpose built vehicles and can collect and deliver to UK airports and ports, please contact us for a quotation. We do not transport mixed loads so no dogs and cats travel together and we always travel door to door, which minimises travel times and ensures bio security as only your dog or puppy will be on board.

Dog Transport Uk
Cat Transport Uk

Cat Transport


Our family have loved, owned and breed cats for years, so we fully understand the needs of your feline friends and we ensure they travel in safety anywhere in the UK.

We provide DEFRA approved UK cat transport for both kittens and older cats in our warm, safe, secure purpose built cat courier vehicles. We transport cats throughout the whole of the UK and can collect and deliver to any UK airports and ports,

Please contact us for a quotation.

When transporting Cats we find that they do not like a lot of space when travelling and prefer to stay in the carriers they are presented to us in. A familiar blanket or toy to help them relax is advisable. We ask that they are not fed at least 5 hours prior to travelling. Cats in particular can feel quite ill if they travel on a full tummy.

We find that if allowed to have too much space they just fret and want to return to their own carrier, however on longer journeys we can place the cat in its carrier within a larger crate that has a cat litter tray available for them to use.

We do not usual transport Cats and dogs together to avoid stress.

Bird Transport

Our specialist Bird of Prey division can also assist with transporting High value Birds of Prey and Parrots across the UK. So where security is paramount due to value or where the transfer is time critical please call us to discuss your requirements.

Bird Transport Uk

Let us take care of your furrie family and ensure a stress free house move or pet collection.


Most frequent questions and answers
A – Our drivers are trained pet first aiders.  Once they have made sure they have done all they can they will take your pet straight to a vet if necessary.
A – Yes the company is registered with DEFRA to transport animals.


A – The journey is being made specifically to transport your pet and this will incur the standard transportation rate
A – Only your pets. We do not transport pets from several families
  • A – We use vehicles fitted with the necessary safety equipment to transport pets.  All vehicles are serviced and maintained regularly and have air conditioning, and heating as required

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